Depression is an overwhelming experience of sadness, emptiness, and/ or irritability that influences daily living. Depressive symptoms can be persistent and long- standing or cycle in and out of our lives.  People often feel misunderstood or may minimize their experience because they "don't look depressed."  Some of the most painful aspects of depression are a sense of hopelessness, lack of energy, and withdrawing from others.  Dr. LaBarge creates a therapeutic relationship with clients in order to establish a safe, trusting environment for processing old wounds, new pain, and to initiate creating a life worth living.  


"I rarely open up. I don't like to feel vulnerable or be misunderstood. But now and then I get to talking to somebody and something about them just resonates with me- whether total stranger or old friend, in their presence, I feel a certain safety, a rare calm, and everything comes gushing out."         ~Beau Taplin, Author